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Sister of the Dead: Noble Dead Series 1, Book 3 by Barb Hendee - Rockets, Magic and Swords: Science Fiction & Fantasy book reviews

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January 14th, 2009

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11:35 am - Sister of the Dead: Noble Dead Series 1, Book 3 by Barb Hendee

This is the third book in the first series of books by author's Barb and CJ Hendee.  They are fantasy novels set in a passable world.  It's essentially "super heroine" with anger issues battles undead with her "ultra good hearted" half-elf boyfriend and their "fey" dog companion.  The characters are decent, if not very communicative with each other - living too much in their own heads, and not talking to each other about things that most people would think were important.  The action is decent, the characters, plot, and meta-plot are interesting, but the writing needs work.

Hendee lapses into the same problems that she had in the first book, where she tells rather than shows a lot of the backstory, and has flashbacks at some inappropriate times that mess with the story's flow.

It's an easy read, but not a fast one (because of the flashback mess).  If you've gotten far enough in the series to get to this book, and need another cheesy vampire-hunter novel to read, keep going. 

If you haven't started the series and don't need cheesy vampire-hunting, this third book pretty much clinches that the first three as a group probably aren't worth the purchase unless you like this sort of thing.

It's good enough to keep going through the series as I run out of other things to read, but not good enough to start fresh if I had to do it over again.  I'll let you know if later books change my opinion.

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Date:January 14th, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)
I've had the book since it came out but haven't read it. I'm sure at some point I'll finish the series but I'm not champing at the bit to do it. I read the first two and liked them enough to pick up the third but of course not so hot about them that I had to read it ASAP.
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Date:January 14th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
Exactly my dilemma. Good enough, but not good enough to put as high priority.

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